Robbers choke woman for car

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While numerous drivers in South Fulton County have had their cars hijacked at the pump, police said some bold criminals violently ambushed one of the latest victims, and choked her to give up her car keys.

Police said the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, had taken proper precautions late Sunday night at the Shell gas station off Cascade Road to prevent "sliders" from sneaking into her car; police said the woman even locked her car and held her car keys while pumping gas.

Fulton County Police released surveillance of the ordeal, right up to the moment a robber ambushes a woman and puts her in a chokehold.

The woman said other people were pumping gas around her, when police said a male who appeared to be 14 to 17 years old approached her.

"One of the gentlemen started walking in my direction asking for change," she said, then saw multiple individuals walking towards her.

"I attempted to go ahead and put the gas pump back, but it was too late... The next thing you know-- I had an arm wrapped around my neck. I was choking. I couldn't scream," she said.

She said one of the men held her in a choke hold for ten seconds, and then when she stopped struggling, the male stopped choking her and the robbers took off with her keys, her car and her cell phone.

The victim said her car was quickly recovered after the crime, when the robbers crashed her car.

The ordeal is one of the latest incidents in a rash of crimes at Fulton County gas stations, where most often thieves slide into an unlocked vehicle while a victim pumps gas, and drives off, or open a passenger side door to quickly swipe a purse or bag. 

Police said, while the victim did take recommended precautions to avoid people from hijacking a vehicle, it is always important for drivers to be aware of their surroundings and be cautious of individuals at a gas station.

Police advise an extra precaution: a victim should keep their hand on the panic button on their key fob, in case of an emergency situation, and not fight back if ambushed by robbers.

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