Road closed near Sweetwater Creek after days of heavy rains

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One of the biggest dangers with long streaks of wet weather is water over roadways.

One place it could be a danger is in Douglas County in Lithia Springs on Mount Vernon Road where it crosses over Sweetwater Creek.

A few blocks away from the park are road closed barricades which forces motorists like Priscilla Roberts to make a U-turn to find an alternative route.

“We just came up from Florida,” Said Priscilla Roberts.

Whether Austell. Atlanta or points in between the road closure in Lithia Springs is being monitored by local authorities to make sure no one drives around the barricades.

A truck drove around the barricades around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday as FOX 5 News was editing nearby.

“Do not drive around. It says road closed and also there is a hefty fine. It is illegal. You can be charged by law enforcement.” Said Rick Martin, the spokesman for Douglas County.

Mount Vernon passes by Woodrow Wilson Park where the parking lot looks more like a lake for boats than a space for cars with spill over from nearby Sweetwater Creek.

The water at the lowest point of Mount Vernon Road was a few inches deep when FOX 5 News recorded the scene.

The county is taking no chances. Remnants of the mud on the road indicates the water had recently risen here before.

“It’s very dangerous for cars to drive through. We want to really encourage and stress that no one should be driving through any flooded water. We really want to stress turn around, do not drown,” Said Martin.

He said Mount Vernon Road is on a flood plain and prone to quickly rising waters at the park.

And that means U-turns at the barricades which has become a headache for residents of a home nearest the spot where motorist turn around on Mount Vernon Road.

“Even an 18-wheeler came down here, they can’t turn around. I’ve even had to direct one to back up in my drive way kind of help him out. I’m just ready for the rain to stop, ready for this cold weather to come in like fall,” said Skylar Miller, the resident.

Douglas County Spokesman Miller told FOX 5 News the road will remain closed until the water recedes enough to safely re open it.