Ring doorbell video captures shocking car break-in, shooting in DeKalb County

A DeKalb County homeowner says he is lucky to be alive after two crooks broke in his car, then fired a gun at him when he tried to stop them.

DeKalb County Police say it happened on Keystone Lane off of Panola Road in the early hours of the morning around 2:45 a.m.

"It's scary just waking up and seeing two young kids shooting at you," the DeKalb County homeowner revealed.

The 29-year-old says the entire crime was captured on his Ring doorbell video. What is even worse, he says this is his fifth car break in since he moved to the subdivision in 2018.

One was wearing a glove and holding a gun, the other drove the getaway car.

The software engineer decided to distract them in hopes of stopping the crime. 

"I saw both of them in the car, checking the neighbors’ cars, so I just banged on the window," "Abi" remarked.

The homeowner wasn't expecting what happened next. Two loud gunshots rang out.

"This is the first time there was a gun and it was actually used," he said.

Abi and one of his neighbors are comparing notes. This is the suspect she says broke into her car on the same street last May.

Abi and his mother say this violent attack is the last straw.

"He doesn't even have a mask.  There was no mask, he didn't even try to cover himself. He's pretty confident that the police will not do anything," the homeowner concluded.

Police say they are investigating but ABI and his mother have decided enough is enough. They plan to move soon.