Reports of mold being found in Georgia State University dorms

Reports of mold and mildew have forced dozens of students from dorm rooms at Georgia State University. Student newspaper “The Signal” published photos from several students, appearing to show mold or mildew buildup in sleeping quarters, bathrooms and closets.

FOX 5 News spoke to several students that live in the Piedmont North complex. The students said maintenance crews have been on-site

working to control the problem. Students said, at times, powerful chemicals have been used, leading some students to report additional health concerns.

Georgia State University housing provided this statement:

"A few reports of mold were received in late August in Piedmont North. Upon receipt of those, members of university leadership met and on August 29, an email was sent to students in Piedmont North sharing information about reports received, steps being taken by the university and steps that residents can take.

“University leadership has met on multiple occasions since then.  Actions by the university included prior cleaning of rooms and air conditioning units, replacement of aging units in the summer months, visual inspections and sample testing. We sent emails to students to report progress and also communicated directly (by email and in person) with students whose rooms were identified for additional cleaning, requiring them to move.

“Students were moved out of an abundance of caution. Additional cleaning would be disruptive to the students within their rooms.  We provided various support, including moving and storage services for items, an on-campus temporary location and a discount on their housing costs.

“Recent reports received in Piedmont Central and the University Commons are isolated incidents caused by leaks, which have been or are in the process of being repaired. In Piedmont Central, the mold observed was not reported to Housing staff by the residents of the room. We learned about it in the Signal article today, then immediately responded. In the Commons, the report was submitted on the evening of Monday, September 23, with response by Facilities staff occurring the following day.

“We strongly encourage our residents to promptly report any maintenance issue in order to minimize any long-term effects."

Students told FOX 5 News the university has communicated well with them about the problem and has issued refunds in some cases.