Remember Mayochup? Well here comes Kranch, Mayomust and Mayocue

A promotional photo shows the bottles for Mayomust, Kranch and Mayocue. (Photo by Heinz)

Remember when Heinz released Mayochup – a sauce mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise? Well now three more sauce mixtures, with Kranch being the latest concoction, have hit grocery store shelves.

This month, the sauce company released Kranch, which is a mixture of ranch and ketchup, in case you couldn’t guess.

Heinz Ketchup tweeted a short sweepstakes urging Kranch fans to use #KlaimMyKranch with the first 100 people getting a free bottle.



In March, two companion sauces were also released – a mayonnaise and barbeque mix called Mayocue and a mayonnaise and mustard sauce called Mayomust.

Each sauce is expected to retail for about $3.49 and comes in a 16.5 oz squeeze bottle.