Raising donations for autistic boy’s ailing service dog

There is a community effort to help a Fayetteville family with the mounting medical bills for their ailing service dog. Caspian is a six-year-old Goldendoodle trained to detect seizures for their 13-year-old autistic son. 

Like the perfect storm, Brooke Wright says her son Gavin’s seizures have been increasing, while the health of Caspian has been failing. 

Gavin has a form of non-verbal autism and for six years Caspian has alerted the family to oncoming seizures. The family says those seizures have been increasing at an alarming rate.

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Then the Fayetteville family says it awoke one morning recently to blood coming from Caspian’s nose. The start of his own health crisis.

“Just this week they did a scope of his nasal passages and sent the specimens to pathology, so cancer is a concern,” said Wright. 

There have been emergency vet visits and veterinary specialists.  Caspian’s medical bills are mounting beyond the capabilities of this single mom. 

“We are up to about $2,500 after seeing four vets just this week.”

(Courtesy: Brooke Wright)

Caspian is not able to alert them to Gavin’s seizures currently but the family is hoping and praying for a favorable diagnosis. 

Friends have set up a Go Fund Me page called Cure for Caspian.