Proposal to punish parents for children's crimes has first reading

The debate and discussion on the Parent Accountability ordinance in the City of South Fulton continued Tuesday evening. It was the first official reading of the ordinance at the city council meeting.

Councilmember Helen Zenobia Willis said this ordinance is not in place to put parents behind bars. She said that is the last resort. Worst case scenario, a parent could face a fine between $25 and $100 and up to 10 days in jail. But there are options. First, parents are encouraged to participate in a pre-trial diversion program or parenting classes.

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Councilwoman Willis said she’s had overwhelming support from the community for this ordinance and she said just the talk of it is curbing crime in the community.

Now, the ordinance just needs a second read at the next council meeting in March and a vote will happen in that same meeting.

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