President Trump launches Black Voices for Trump Coalition

President Donald Trump launched in Black Voices for Trump national initiative in Atlanta Friday pledging to campaign for every African American vote in 2020.

The invitation-only crowd of between 300 and 400 supporters eagerly chanted four more years constantly during his hour-long chat.   The crowd was made up of supporters from around the southeast who plan to help Trump recruit and energize African American support ahead of the 2020 election. Several people did not get into the hall because the room reached capacity. The president told cheering supporters they would get a bigger room next time. 

"African Americans are returning to the party of Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and the Voting rights act after 100 years," the commander and chief told the crowd. 

"I voted for Obama before, but I like the way President Trump is at least talking about crime issues and trying to get the problems in urban cities like Atlanta addressed," Forsyth resident  Y.G. Nyghtstorm commented. "That is why I love this man, he is at least trying to find solutions."

The launch was attended by some metro Atlanta residents too.  Dr. Martin Luther King's niece, Alveda King,  opened the rally with a prayer and former presidential candidate Hermain Cain also addressed the crowd.

Vice President Michael Pence also addressed the crowd at the Georgia World Congress Center.