Powder Spring police officer help saves marathon runner’s life after collapse

A Powder Springs police officer is being called a hero for saving a man’s life after he collapsed on a popular trail. It was all captured on the officer’s dash camera video. 

The sound of sirens echoed through the woods around Silver Comet Trail on October 29th where Powder Springs Police said a runner passed out in the midst of a marathon.

Dash camera video showed other concerned runners gathered around the man who had stopped breathing and showed no signs of life, according to police. 

"He had a clogged artery, just passed out, heart stopped," Officer Carson Yates described of the man’s condition. 

Within seconds of police arriving at scene, Officer Yates said he and his sergeant jumped into action and began rendering aid.

"My first thought was…just to try to get some sort of breath into him, just try to stabilize him until EMS comes," he explained.

Yates, a new officer still in his first year with the Powder Springs Police Department, can be seen in the video performing CPR on the man for almost 10 minutes.

"I just went back to my training…what we learned in the academy," he said. 

That training ultimately helping the runner regain his pulse and consciousness, while buying medics in-route much-needed time to get there. 

"Of course, I’m excited that I helped save his life, but it’s part of the job," Yates said.

Powder Springs police credited the quick actions of bystanders and the endurance Yates displayed with bringing that man back to life. 

Police Chief Lane Cadwell recognized Yates and his heroism during Monday night’s city council meeting. Yates said it’s a career first that he hopes won’t be the last.