Political football: Patriots gave Trump a Super Bowl ring

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 19: New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick (L) and team owner Robert Kraft (R) present a football helmet to U.S. President Donald Trump during a celebration of the team's Super Bowl victory

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) - President Donald Trump has a Super Bowl ring - just like Vladimir Putin.

The New England Patriots said Tuesday that owner Robert Kraft gave the diamond-encrusted ring to Trump. The sitting president usually receives gifts from teams during celebratory White House visits. A personalized jersey is standard, but Kraft gave Trump a ring as well.

The White House did not respond to requests for comment.

Kraft has won five Super Bowl rings as owner of the NFL team. During a 2005 business trip to Russia, Kraft showed his newest ring to Putin and the Russian president pocketed, saying he thought it was a gift.

The Patriots latest ring is white gold with more than 280 diamonds and a carat weight of 5.1. The ring manufacturer says it is the largest Super Bowl ring. The Patriots' 2015 rings were valued at $36,500 apiece.