Police: Woman used fake $100 bill to pay for services

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McDonough police are searching for a woman who they said is passing phony money at area businesses.

McDonough police said the woman is part of a counterfeiters ring which is striking all over metro Atlanta.

"It appears she's pregnant, this is a good shot of her," said Detective T.F. Spangenberg, with the McDonough Police Department, as he held up a picture.

The detective said she's likely in her late teens or early twenties, pregnant and passing counterfeit $100 dollar bills.

A video from the Publix on Highway 81 in McDonough shows a suspicious cashier checking the $100 bill when the woman tries to buy an Uber gift card. The pregnant culprit leaves once the manager gets involved.

At Main Street Pools in McDonough, the woman paid for a floaty with a counterfeit bill and was put off when the clerk asked for her name.

"The suspect goes, ‘I'm just buying a floaty, you don't need to know my name.' She rings her up gives her the change which is over $91," said Detective Spangenberg.

The detective said after getting good money back from the bad Benjamin, the woman is driven away in a car believed to be a gold or tan Saturn Vue or older model GMC Envoy.

Detective Spangenberg said she's suspected of passing counterfeit hundreds at the CVS near the pool store and at another CVS in Conyers.

Since she's not alone, Detective Spangenberg believes she could be part of a larger operation.

"It's a ring and they're all using the same wash technique or the same serial number bill to make their money," said Detective Spangenberg.

He said McDonough Police are still investigating the extent of this apparent counterfeit ring where greed surpassed care of an unborn child.

"I don't think she has very good maternal skills, she's already teaching bad habits and the babies not even here yet," said Michelle Underwood, a shopper at the Publix.

Detective Spangenberg said all the counterfeit hundred dollar bills recovered so far have had the same serial number.

He said McDonough Police are checking with other police agencies to see if these bills are turning up in other parts of metro Atlanta.