Police: Violent robbing crew strikes 2 men in Midtown

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Atlanta Police are looking for a robbing crew who robbed and stabbed two men not far from Piedmont Park.

The most recent attack happened Saturday night around midnight on Monroe Drive. Atlanta Police said 33-year-old William Bridges had on ear pods when a man attacked him from behind and began choking him. Police said two additional suspects showed up and demanded his cellphone, passcode, and wallet.

Bridges complied with all requests, but was still stabbed eight times, police said. He was rushed to Atlanta Medical Center where he remained Monday afternoon.

Police said this is not the first robbery turned stabbing. On July 18 around 10:40 p.m., police believe the same crew attacked a California man who was visiting the city and walking back to his hotel room at The Hyatt Regency.

Jesus Ibarra said he was attacked by three young black males at 3rd and Juniper streets. Grady EMS tech located the victim beside the Lutheran church on the steps.

Both assaults have disturbed Atlanta police.

"Obviously, we have some pretty serious concerns here. There is a certain level of violence we don't normally see. The stabbings were pretty serious and both victims were hospitalized for significant amounts of time," Major Michael O'Conner remarked.

Police said they have not located video of the robbing crew yet, but believe one of the suspects could be a female with twists. The said the culprits are in their late teens or early 20s.

Police want the public to call in with what they know before this crew strikes again.

"Anyone who had information about these people and I am sure there are people who are well aware that this is going on are encouraged to contact crime stoppers because we really need to put an end to this before they kill somebody out there," Major O'Conner said.

A Crime Stoppers reward is being offered in the case.

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