Police use pit maneuver to get alleged drunk driver off the road

A dash cam caught the moment police in John Creek took matters into their own hands to get a suspected drunk driver safely off the road.

The driver was cruising down the streets of Johns Creek early Sunday morning. Johns Creek Police say it happened on Bell Road and McGinnis Ferry around 12:30 a.m.

Dash camera video captured the entire incident.

"We noticed the driver failing to maintain lane, so officers attempted to pull the driver over," Johns Creek Police Lieutenant Todd Hood said.

But once the flashing blue lights came on, the driver didn't pull over.

"You can see a right turn signal, then a left one," Hood said. "You can see the driver going into other lanes."

The entire ordeal lasted several minutes and included a police pursuit until the driver eventually turned off the road.

"A pit maneuver was attempted and it was successful," Hood said. "We were able to get the driver in custody safely as well as keep officers and motoring public safe as well."

The unidentified driver is now facing DUI, fleeing and attempting to elude an officer, and reckless driving, among other charges.