Police: Teen beaten, carjacked at gunpoint after school

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A teenager was beaten and carjacked at gunpoint after police said he tried to give a friend a ride home from school. Investigators said it all happened after the two teens left Meadowcreek High School in Gwinnett County.

Police said the case is very disturbing and they believe it could have been a setup

“Pretty scary for any individual to go through that but especially a young person,” said Cpl. Wilbert Rundles, Gwinnett County Police Department.

It happened last Thursday after classes ended for the day at the high school. The 15-year-old boy was punched several times and robbed of a truck at gunpoint, according to police.

The boy told officers a girl at the school approached him and asked for a ride home, but also told him she didn't know her address. Once the two got to a nearby cul-de-sac on Anvil Court, Cpl. Rundles said the two men ran out of the woods and ambushed the teen.

But do investigators believe it was a setup?

“It certainly sounds that way not knowing where they live exactly taking them to a location like this,” Cpl. Rundles told FOX 5’s Marissa Mitchell.

And what is worse, the victim may have known at least some of the attackers.

“From my understanding and what he said in the report is that ‘Hey, I know her from school,’ but they will be following up that,” said Cpl. Rundles.

Police said the group got away with a black Ford Super Duty truck.

Investigators also add the victim didn't have a driver's license.

“Yes, but we don’t want that to stop someone from reporting something as horrific and heinous as a carjacking just because of that,” the corporal said.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to call the Gwinnett County Police Department.