Police: Student in custody after report of gun at DeKalb County high school

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Anxious parents encountered police roadblocks as they raced to Stephenson High School after learning police were searching for a student believed to have brought a gun to school Tuesday morning.

The campus was on lockdown. Frightened students communicated with their parents via texts.

Parent Nannette Wright told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes, "He said ‘Mom, I'm scared.' The SWAT team kicked the doors in. We're all sitting on the floor. There's an intruder in the building. We are all on level 4 lockdown."

Sources said the school went on lockdown just after 9 a.m. Tuesday after a teenage boy who was seen with a gun on a school bus brought the weapon onto campus. School district officials said DeKalb County Schools police and sheriff's deputies swarmed the campus after officers received reports of a possible intruder.

"My daughter said they were just in her classroom locked down and all she heard is the cops come and I think they laid someone down on the ground. They told them to get down and I guessed that's who they were looking for and they must've took them away", said parent Lenita Johnson.

That was just after 10 a.m. when police apprehended an unidentified male juvenile. FOX 5 News was there as Lenita Johnson took a call from her daughter, telling her police had the suspect in custody.

"She says they pinned 'em down outside her classroom."

Several parents checked their kids out of school once the lockdown was lifted.

School officials won't say if they recovered a weapon, or why the boy brought the weapon to school. Cheryln Stegall can't imagine why he did.

"What was your intention? Even bringing the gun to the school. I mean there's a reason why you brought it. You didn't just put it in your bookbag overnight and say ok I'm going to put this in my bag."

No students or faculty were injured. The investigation continues.