Police searching for woman connected with brutal sexual assault

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Investigators need your help finding a woman wanted in a brutal sexual assault in Henry County. 

Deputies say that Shanna Hall played a key role in the crime inside a home on Sycamore Street where a victim was punched, held against her will, taped up, and threatened for almost a full day.

Henry County Police Captain Joey Smith said Timothy Hinton carried out the crime on an unidentified woman.

At some point during the crime, Shanna Hall showed up at the house.

"These individuals knew each other," Smith said. "Just because they know each other and are acquaintances doesn't make it OK to do what occurred in the home."

Smith said the victim eventually either broke free or was allowed to go. She called the police from another home.

Soon after, officers arrested Hinton.

FOX 5 News has learned that the Stockbridge resident has an extensive criminal record, including arrests for aggravated assault, theft, and armed robbery.

Investigators are still looking into his relationship with Hall and how much she was involved in the recent attack.

For now, they say she's on the run and wanted for aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

"She was there enough where she could have not been involved," Smith said. "She could have called authorities. She could have helped rescue [the woman]. But she didn't do any of those. She basically participated in the assault"

Police are asking Hall to turn herself in so they can speak with her.