Police search for 2 men in McDonough motel ambush robbery

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McDonough Police are searching for a violent pair of robbers who ambushed a woman at a motel.

Investigators said it was a setup involving a man who pretended to befriend a woman to give access to the other man so both could rob and beat her.

Detective T.F. Spangenberg showed FOX 5 News surveillance video from Motel 6 near Highway 81.

"There he is that's Q," said Detective Spangenberg.

The video shows a man knocking on the door of room 230. About a minute later another man is knocking at the door. Police said he had a gun and bad intentions.

"He just tried to open the door. See him pushing himself in. She's not letting him in," said Detective Spangenberg.

But he did get in. Police said both men then beat the woman and robbed her.

"He grabbed her in a headlock and starts to choke her out, while the second suspect, who has the gun and forced his way into the room, he actually starts punching her in her face, said Detective Spangenberg.

He said the victim was assaulted for about five minutes.

"After five minutes Q had choked the victim so severely that she passed out," said Detective Spangenberg.

The man who told the victim to call him Q and his accomplice, who had tattoos on his face, was recorded on surveillance getting away, robbing the woman only of her cell phone.

"For some reason, they thought she had money. They were like give up the money. She says she didn't have any money," said Detective Spangenberg.

The ordeal started the day before. McDonough Police said the victim met 'Q' when walking to a nearby RaceTrac gas station.

The next day detectives said he called her and came to her motel room after midnight.

"It is a senseless crime and they need to come to justice. I don't think this is an isolated incident," said McDonough resident Stanley Atkins.

McDonough Police are also concerned of other victims. They released video of the two attackers after their victim had been released from the hospital and was safely back home in Michigan.

"These guys may be preying on these women at these hotels," said Detective Spangenberg.

"They are reckless, they are relentless and they have no boundaries," said Atkins.

Police said the woman was staying at the motel while visiting family and friends in the area.