Police say flat tire led to arrest of suspects

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A flat tire sidelined a couple of suspected car thieves in Atlanta.

Two officers’ bodycam footage shows how the car malfunction ended badly for the suspects.

The commander of the Atlanta Police Zone 2 Precinct says his officers had been looking for a black Impala. The vehicle had been linked to numerous slider crimes in Midtown and Buckhead.

On Monday, Terry Kelley and Nicholas Johnson had pulled over to the side of the road on Peachtree Battle Avenue. The trunk to the vehicle was up and they decided to try and change the flat.

Two officers from a special unit called F.I.T. saw the Impala and pulled up behind it.

Slowly, they walked up to the pair. The video shows the suspects' uncertainty. Were the officers there to offer help? No, they were there to make arrests.

Kelley and Johnson tried to flee. Both were ultimately stopped and taken to the Fulton County Jail. Major Barry Shaw says police found three weapons and various items believed to be stolen inside the Impala.