Police release new images of deadly motel shooting suspect

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DeKalb County Police released new images Thursday of a man who they think may be connected the brutal murder of a father of four.

Latonian Burch was shot to death at the America’s Best Value Inn on June 6, 2018.

Investigators believe Burch answered a knock on the door, and that’s when the man shot and killed him

Police Detective P.A. Wright told FOX 5’s Portia Bruner they got the new images from Burch’s Instagram page.

Wright said this may mean Burch knew his victim.

The release of the photos followed the July release of a video of the suspect.

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Police released the video last month so someone could identify the slender young man in the video who's seen wearing a black tank top, black pants, white Velcro sneakers and a white baseball cap.
"If he decides to rob again, he may kill again, and we've got to get a man like this off the streets," said Detective Wright.

According to police, the video came from the Chevron just a few blocks away from the motel on Candler Road. 

It was shot a few minutes before Burch was murdered, but Wright said last month the video clearly ties the man wearing black and white to video from the crime scene.

"You see the same car that's at the Chevron pulling up to the motel and you see the same man get out of the car and walk to the motel room," said the homicide detective.

According to police, Burch, 39, and his wife were inside their motel room when 26-year-old Diamond Boykin knocked on the door in the early morning hours of June 6.

"When she knocked on the door, he looked out the window and recognized her because he had helped her before, giving her money and food when she needed it since she was homeless. When he opened the door, she flagged the man to come to the door and the guy walked in, there was a fight and then he shot our victim several times," said Wright.

Police charged Boykin with murder, but haven't been able to track down the suspected gunman. He allegedly left the crime scene in the same dark-colored Dodge Charger seen in the security video," Wright told Bruner.

"This guy may still be in our community and could hurt somebody that any of us know or love. We need the community to get behind the police and help us solve this one for the family's sake," said Wright.