Police need help with 20-year-old Conyers cold case

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Twenty years ago, the two bodies of two young men were found in Conyers and all these years later, no arrests in the case. Conyers police said they know who is responsible, but they do not have enough evidence to convict. That is why they are asking for the public to come forward with what they know.

Two decades ago, a construction worker stumbled upon a body at an industrial park, the same park that was used for parking during the 1996 Olympic Games. Shortly after that discovery, a second body was located about 250 yards away in some high grass. Captain David Spann said the men were brought here to be robbed by three men

"We think a scuffle ensued between one of the victims and gentleman with a gun and he subsequently shot twice. The second victim fled on foot, was chased down by two of the suspects and shot in the back while he was running away. Then they then went down to where he was on the ground and shot him three more times and drug him off into the woods,” said Capt. Spann.

The lives of two young men were cut short. The first victim killed was Rashed Rasul; the second victim found in the woods is Jermaine Johnson.

"For me just like every other police officer that's worked a long period of time and worked criminal investigations you have a case that kind of haunts and follows you for your career and you hope before you leave you can get it, and that's the one for me," the captain said.

He said they know who did it, but people in the community are scared to come forward, something Rashed Rasul's father is all too familiar with. After his son’s death, he spent three months trying to get information

"I was in the streets, I was in bad neighborhoods. People telling me you may want to leave this alone. This guy is bad. Everybody I talked to said they know something, but refusing to say something,” said Capt. Spann.

Now police are all hoping twenty years later, people will have the courage to come forward.

"Drop the snitch code, Let's put these guys behind bars," said Spann.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $10,000 reward.