Police: Man rams woman's car

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It was a spat off the baseball field that has both sides crying foul. At the city of Temple's recreation baseball field, a lot of action occurred outside of the park Friday night.

Brook Elsberry said she had parked near the driveway of a home on Milton Street to watch her husband's softball game. She said several others had parked on the street with no parking signs posted.

According to the police report Elsberry and others heard the homeowner revving the engine of his truck. Then the report said eyewitnesses said the truck backed out of the driveway and struck Brooke's car.

"And he literally puts his car in reverse and just comes out of his driveway and slams all over my car in reverse," said Elsberry.

The police report also said other witnesses told police the homeowner, identified as Matthew Speights, said he did it on purpose.

 "This was not an accident this was far from an accident, this was intentional all day long," said an eyewitness, Tyler Boger.

Speights didn't want to go on camera but Sissy Glover his girlfriend who also lives at the house spoke for him.

Reporter George Franco: "So did he rev up the engine,"

Glover: "No. This truck don't even rev up,"

Sissy also denied her boyfriend rammed the vehicle on purpose.

"It was an accident just an accident. Just like any accident you don't always know how it happened," said Glover.

Temple Police said they are looking further into the incident, adding it'll be up to the prosecuting officer if further charges follow.

Meantime both sides are taking stock of what happened. Elsberry said she would change things if she could.

"I wasn't aware or I wouldn't have parked there;" said Elsberry.

Glover said from now on she's making a phone call first.

"There's not going to be parking around my place because from now on I'm just calling the police and have them towed," said Glover.