Police: Man may have information on car stolen with baby inside

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Police are looking to talk to a man who they think can help catch a criminal who stole a car with an 11-month-old girl inside.

Police shared two photos of a man who they say was in the area of the shopping center where the stolen car and the little girl were found. They believe this person may have information about the crime.

An Athens-Clarke County spokesperson said the car was stolen around 7:15 p.m. on Feb. 10 when the child’s mother went inside her home, leaving the car running in the driveway.

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The little girl was found in the car which had been abandoned at a Walmart parking lot in Oconee County a few miles away from her home, about an hour after the car had been stolen.

“Our investigators are trying to piece together what transpired during that hour, where that vehicle may have been. We’re thankful they did leave the vehicle in a location where it could be found,” the spokesperson said.

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On police body cam, one officer was recorded when he was trying to help the cold and scared little girl.

“It, cold, it’s cold, here we go we’re going to put up your hood keep, you dry and warm,” the officer is heard saying as the little girl is crying in his arms.Whatever happened in the time the little girl was with her inadvertent kidnapper is still a mystery, but most importantly she was found and is back safe with mom.

Police are now asking the individual, or anyone who may know him to call Detective Michael Carroll at 706-613-3888 ext. 292 or Crime Stoppers at 706-705-4775.