Police: Man found naked in a Cobb County couple's hot tub

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A Cobb County couple said they woke up to a bizarre sight in their own home on Labor Day. Police said a man broke into the home, removed all his clothing, and was soaking in the hot tub.

“I was like ‘Are you kidding me?” At first, I was petrified, then I just got mad,” said Misty Zimmerly.

Larry Eugene Brown, 52, was charged with two counts of trespass as well as loitering, public indecency and obstructing police.

Zimmerly said the couple woke up around 7:30 a.m. to scratching noises coming from downstairs in the Woodward Drive home in Marietta. Thinking it was a raccoon or squirrel, Mr. Zimmerly went down to investigate. But he found something much more shocking.

“He opens French door thinking to scare the squirrel and there’s this man just chilling in our hot tub with my wind chime, just playing with it like he belonged there and there was no issue,” said Mrs. Zimmerly.

Mr. Zimmerly screams for his wife to grab the gun and call 911. By the time she got to their screen-in porch, she said she was looking at a man naked from head to toe.

“He was disoriented and thought we were from mafia…nothing rational about what he was saying period,” said Mrs. Zimmerly.

She said it was not clear how long Brown had been in the tub, but from the looks of things, he had made himself at home.

When Brown heard police, Mrs. Zimmerly said Brown jumped through a screen window and ran through the woods only for police to catch him a short time later.

Brown was given bond for the Sept. 2 incident but was being held as of Thursday on two probation violations charges and two other unrelated charges.