Police: Joint drug operation uncovers fake car tag operations

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A joint drug operation between local and federal law enforcement officers has led investigators to uncover a fake car tag operation at a local business, Douglasville Police said Friday.

Officials with the Douglasville Police Department, Georgia Department of Revenue and the DEA briefed reporters on the case at a Friday morning news conference.

Police said officers intercepted between 50 to 60 pounds of marijuana that they believe was being shipped to JROB Auto Sales in Douglasville.

They also believe 2 people associated with the dealership on Fairburn Road have been printing fake temporary auto tags.

Police raided the business on Fairburn Road Friday morning.

Devon Malik Jones, an employee at the car dealership, was taken into custody.  

 "Mr. Jones they believe is complicit in the larger fraud case that was taking place here", said Douglasville Police Captain Brad Stafford.

Police had arrest warrants for the business owners. 
Investigators aren't ready to identify the man and woman who own the dealership,  but say they face drug and computer fraud charges.  They managed to elude police.

Agents seized over a dozen vehicles, computers, records, and other evidence Friday.

This investigation started late last year when Douglasville Police and the DEA were tipped off that a drug shipment was going to be delivered to JROB.

During the course of that investigation, police say they discovered the dealership was printing fake drive out tags. 
The owners reportedly sold the fake temporary tags for profit.

An undercover agent told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes, "We were able to determine during the course of the investigation, on more than 90 occasions it appears that they committed during a four year period, they committed fraudulent activity."

Police say Kayla Alysa Colliins, who was at the business with Jones, was arrested on an unrelated drug charge.