Police investigate suspicious stranger at bus stop

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Dunwoody Police are investigating a child's report of a suspicious stranger approaching her at a bus stop in a vehicle, and have stepped up patrols in the area since the family reported the incident.

The ordeal happened Tuesday around 8 a.m. at the intersection of Woodsong Drive and Barcroft Way.

The parents reported their 11-year-old girl was standing at the bus stop when a black sedan drove back, circled and stopped by the child.

She reported the man waved in a "come here" motion to her. She ran home and immediately told her parents, who called 911.

Police said they are searching for the suspicious person and do not know his intentions, or if he was simply waving at the child to cross the street at the intersection.

The vehicle was described as a black sedan, and the person as a man in his 50's with facial hair.

Police said officers have gone door to door to investigate and are searching for surveillance video of the suspicious vehicle.

Anyone with information or surveillance video is asked to call Dunwoody Police.