Police investigate cab driver murder

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Neighbors in this stretch of apartment buildings along Henderson Mill Road were stunned to hear a killer is still on the run after shooting a taxi driver overnight.

"It's just sad. I used to be a Lyft driver and you just never know who's getting in your car. It can be very dangerous and it's very easy to get set up by somebody," said Luis Granillio who lives near the crime scene.

DeKalb County Police said officers initially responded to a call in front of the Sierra Hills apartment complex about a single-car crash at a tree. Inside the taxi, they found the driver dead from a gunshot wound. Police said the man was driving the taxi when he was shot.

"That's just awful. Just awful. This world is just getting so dangerous," said Jerome Johnson, who lives nearby.

Police have not released the name of the victim or the company he worked for but investigators are working with that company to identify customers from overnight.

"Hopefully, someone will just do the right thing until police who did this, that's my prayer," said Mr. Johnson.