Police impersonator pulls over man in Clayton County

Clayton County police say a man was pulled over by someone who looked like a real police officer but they turned out to be impersonating an officer. 

On Friday evening a person was driving on McDonough Road when a black Chevrolet Caprice with blue lights on the dash drove up, according to Clayton County Police.  

Once he was stopped, the man got out of the vehicle and asked the driver to get out of their car because they had a warrant out for their arrest. The driver then asked for a supervisor, but the driver was removed from their car by force, struck several times, and handcuffed, police said. 

Clayton County police confirmed none of their officers drive a Chevrolet Caprice.

The suspect is described as a white male with a deep voice, around 6 feet tall, and between 35-40 years old. Police also said he has brown hair in a buzz cut. 

Police say if you notice that a vehicle matching this description trying to conduct a traffic stop with you, please drive to the nearest police precinct or to an area where many people are present. You can also dial 911.