Police identify woman killed in shooting outside Southwest Atlanta Kroger

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Police are searching for the person who shot who shot and killed a woman outside a Southwest Atlanta grocery store.

Atlanta police say the victim, 35-year-old LaVonda Finklea, was found inside her car at the Kroger parking lot at the 2600 block of Metropolitan Parkway.

Officials say they were called to the scene after reports of shots being fired.

Police believe the woman was at a nearby Burger King when she was confronted by several men. An altercation then ensued and she was shot, police said. Her car rolled through the lot and hit another vehicle.

"We don't have a whole lot of information about suspects at this time," Atlanta Police Department Lt. Andrea Webster said.

Webster told FOX 5 that police were pulling surveillance footage from Kroger and businesses in the area to see if that can help give them any new information.

Police are asking anybody with information on the case to call Crime Stoppers Atlanta.