Atlanta to pay man injured during high-speed chase

The city of Atlanta will pay a local man $1.5 million for severe injuries he suffered during a police case.

Stacy Favors’ legs were crushed when a suspect’s car struck a parked vehicle which then hit him. 

Rare video sequences illustrate the Atlanta police pursuit from the early points to multiple crashes.

FOX 5 had to blur some of the video due to the horrific impact.

The pursuit case dates back to 2019.

Atlanta authorities got a report of a stolen black sedan being driven in the northwest section of town.

That report included a possibility the vehicle might have been used in a murder.

Police officers, with a chopper above, monitored the route of the car.

When the car stopped at an intersection, one of the officers tried to place stop sticks in front of the vehicle. But the driver went around the law enforcement device and sped up.

Initially, the black sedan crashed into another vehicle, then a second car parked in the lot where Favors was standing.

And that was the impact that caused the severe injuries to Favors.

Ultimately, doctors had to amputate both legs below the knees.