Police: Atlanta man shot while going to see woman he met online

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A middle of the night meet and greet turned dangerous in southwest Atlanta, resulting in an emergency stop at Grady Memorial Hospital.  

Someone shot a person inside a silver BMW mikes away from the hospital, at the intersection of Pegg and Springdale Roads.  

The occupants had arranged a meeting with a woman they contacted through Instagram.  But when they arrived at the prearranged rendezvous point, they discovered it was an abandoned home.  

That’s when, police say, someone in a dark colored sedan arrived and opened fire.

“Normally people don’t just immediately start shooting in a robbery so we are still trying to work out what happened but obviously they intended to inflict some harm on the occupants of the car,“

The unidentified victim was struck in the lower leg.  He’s in stable condition. 

Investigators are at the shooting site, talking with witnesses.