Police: Atlanta man arrested on human trafficking charges

Atlanta police have arrested a man on human trafficking charges who they say lured a 19-year-old down to Georgia and then threatened her to dance naked.

Investigators arrested Emmett "Jackpot" Murphy the day before the Super Bowl.

A 19-year-old woman from New Jersey told detectives that Murphy initially said he'd pay her thousands of dollars to dance in a music video.

When she got to the city and went to Murphy's northwest Atlanta condo, police said Murphy told the victim that she was going to dance , sell her body for money, and give him all the cash she made.

The teen also told officers she met another woman at the condo, who reportedly told her that Murphy would beat her if she didn't listen.

Murphy returned to the condo while officers were at the location and was detained. After an investigation, he was arrested.

He's been transported to the Fulton County Jail after being charged with trafficking of persons for labor and sexual servitude.