Police arrest man for 2 downtown Atlanta assaults

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A man is behind bars after police said he beat a 69-year-old man nearly to death during a home invasion.

The crime happened apartments in Atlanta near Centennial Olympic Park and investigators said the same suspect punched another man unconscious days before the break-in.

Frederick Hunter, 27, was booked into jail on three felony assault charges. Atlanta police said he beat a man to within inches of his life late last month.

Homicide detectives were called to the scene as medics rushed the 69-year-old victim to the hospital in critical condition.

Sgt. John Chafee with the Atlanta Police Department said Hunter was arrested within a couple of days of the assault and there was already a warrant out for him related to an assault nearly two weeks prior near a shelter on Marietta Street.

The suspect had asked him for 50 cents, the victim said no and when he did, the suspect punched him several times in the face, falling to the ground and striking his head and fell unconscious.

Chafee said investigators linked Hunter to both crimes thanks to witnesses who viewed video footage and photos of Hunter on Centennial Olympic Park Drive.

Other witnesses reported encounters with him over the last couple of months near the same shelter, where police say, he knocked someone out.

Police said the victim in the home invasion remained in the hospital as of late Monday evening.

As for Hunter, he faces many charges including aggravated assault with intent to murder and aggravated assault and battery.