Police: Airport shuttle runs off road, driver arrested

There was nothing routine about an airport trip Saturday night. Passengers on board a shuttle van servicing Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport said shortly after they got picked up at the International Terminal, the driver drove off the road.

“He’s not right,” said one rider, who was so worried he called 911. FOX 5 Atlanta obtained that call. The rider said he feared for his life.

Tyler Dunn, the passenger told police he instructed the driver to stop the shuttle bus. That driver for Park 'N Fly Plus stopped the vehicle in the middle of the street according to the rider. Officers responded quickly, but the van driver took off running up the street. He was caught a short time later and was taken to the Clayton County Jail. The driver was charged with reckless driving.

A company spokesperson for Park 'N Fly, Inc., Ann Kozel, called the incident unfortunate and highly unusual. She said the driver has been with the company for about a month and nothing came up with a thorough background check. Kozel said appropriate action will be taken once they speak to the driver.

Atlanta Police said the driver told airport officers that he takes unidentified medication.