Police: 2 men behind dozens of crimes in West Cobb County

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Police in West Cobb County have been dealing with a spike in thefts from cars. There have been 240 cases this year. 

Investigators say two men officers arrested last week, 21-year-old Revelation Brown and 19-year-old Khristopher Garner, are behind dozens of those cases and police say they weren't afraid to shoot when confronted. 

Iris Reel says a neighbor caught them trying to break in to her husband's truck.  When he confronted the crooks, they opened fire. 

"I heard these gunshots, it was like 'pow, pow, pow' six times,” said Reel. 

Brown is also charged with shooting another man, Jacob Anderson, when Anderson spotted him in his car. 

"I'm on the phone with dispatch and I turned around and hear Pop! Pop! Pop!" Said Anderson. 

Anderson was hit int eh eye by a bullet that ricocheted off his car. 

Investigators say Brown was caught on surveillance video in 38 of the entering auto cases.  Police say they were often looking for guns. Detectives say Brown had 4 stolen guns in a backpack at the time he was caught. 

According to a warrant, 28 guns have been stolen.

Neighbors in the Thomason Park subdivision in West Cobb say they feel better knowing these violent criminals are off the streets. 

"It was just a relief for the neighborhood knowing those guys specifically were caught," said Marcus Harris.