Pigs makes home in backyard of family home in Conyers

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A pot-bellied prowler gave one Conyers family an early “turkey day” surprise when he showed up unexpectedly in their backyard.

Joshua Gibson shared this video of the porker hamming it up with the family's kiddy pool.

Gibson said they thought the pig would eventually leave but instead it slept on their porch.

Gibson said the pig seems very smart and listens when he's called.

He said his son wants to name the animal Spider Pig, which is a reference to the Simpson’s movie, and his fiancé has started calling him Bacon.

The family said they've posted pictures of the pig on Facebook and reached out to local veterinarians in the hopes of finding the owner. But so far no luck.

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This oddly is not the first time a pig has found its way into the backyard of a metro Atlanta family.

John and Dana Pope found a pig in the backyard of their Peachtree City home back in October. The owner let the family keep the pig after learning it became fast friends with their dog, Mason.

The family ended up name the pig Kevin Bacon.

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