Peeping Tom caught on DeKalb County home's security camera

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Security lights and surveillance cameras did not deter a bold "Peeping Tom" Tuesday morning.

The creeper was caught on video at around 6:20 a.m. at Abigail Abrams' home on Eagles Nest Circle.​

​The man is seen in the video, walking into Abrams' backyard with a ladder, placing it up against the house, climbing the ladder, and peering into Abrams' upstairs bathroom window on and off for several minutes. ​

​"Knowing that he was up there immediately I was freaked out. I was so scared", Abrams told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes. ​

Abrams was unaware she was being watched as she got ready for work. She made the terrifying discovery hours later while reviewing her home surveillance video. ​

​"It's scary," she said. "It's a really scary situation, knowing I'm being invaded in this way."​

​Abrams met with DeKalb County Police Tuesday afternoon. She tells FOX 5 it's the second time this year her cameras have recorded a "Peeping Tom".  On Feb. 1, she says surveillance cameras captured a man peering into her kitchen window. Abrams says he was wearing a hoodie so she can't be certain it was the same person.  The man in Tuesday's video didn't try to shield his identity. ​

 ​"He has dreads, long dreads," she said. "Looking at the picture I really can not identify exactly if it's one of my neighbors, I don't know. But my rationale is it's someone in the neighborhood." ​

​Abrams hopes someone will recognize this man and contact DeKalb Police.