Owner of a new Porsche leaves dinner to discover his car stolen from valet service

The owner of a brand new 2020 Porsche leaves dinner to discover his car has been stolen from the valet service. 

It happened in the heart of Buckhead. The restaurant patron is the only one to walk into the garage with no ride home. However, Atlanta police said three other valet keys were snatched from a locked case. 

Police suspect the thieves were able to access the valet case electronically. There was no forced entry. 

The building on Roswell Road has a multi-level garage. The restaurant, Iberian Pig, is just one of the tenants. 

So, three owners whose cars were still in the garage also incurred some financial pain. They had to ensure their original keys would be disabled. And getting a set of new keys is not inexpensive. 

Atlanta investigators are checking to see if garage cameras may have captured the culprits. 

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