Officials: Shots fired at Fulton County school bus

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Police are searching for a gunman after investigators said shots were fired at a school bus full of students in South Fulton Thursday afternoon.

A Fulton County Schools spokesperson said the school bus was leaving Creekside High School when the shots were fired, but no one was injured. All of the students have since arrived safely at their stops.

The ordeal happened sometime around 4:30 p.m. in the neighborhood off Haina Drive. Witnesses said they ran for cover as gunshots rang out. 

"Pow! I ran back in the house," one woman said describing the sound she heard from the gunfire. 

Multiple people described seeing a person argue with a bus driver, who police described as a parent. That parent's vehicle allegedly blocked in the bus, witnesses said. 

Witnesses said a person in a different vehicle pulled up and then fired at least one shot. Witnesses saw police carry off a shell casing. 

Fulton County Schools Police and South Fulton Police said they are trying to determine what led to the shooting.

It was not known how many shots were fired.

Information on a shooter was not immediately available.