Officials seize multiple drugs, arrest 4 at Alpharetta house

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Authorities in Alpharetta have shut down a suspected drug house and in the process found used syringes, drug paraphernalia, and numerous deadly drugs. 

Investigators say they also found an infant and two malnourished animals living in the filthy home.

The drug bust rocked the quiet neighborhood on the 400 block of Michael Drive in Alpharetta.

"People were coming out with their hands behind their back and I knew who lived there so I was distressed," neighbor Bailey McKay said.

Police say the response happened because of a tip.

"It was believed drugs were being sold out of and used on this property," Alpharetta police Sgt. Howard Miller said.

Inside the home, police say they found heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine, and illegally obtained prescription meds.

"The house was filthy," Miller said. "There was a baby inside, a 6-month-old that was apparently staying there with its mother."

Behind the house, police say two dogs were living inside a shed. The dogs had no water and food and were living in 90-degree weather, police said.

McKay says he has known those who were arrested since she was born. She says Justin Walker has been in a battle with drugs.

"I just hope people remember that human beings are flawed and I would like to see him come back," she said. "I feel like the Alpharetta Police Department, the taskforce might have saved his life."

D-FACS took the child from the house and placed him with his grandparents. Both dogs, one of which had a broken leg, were taken to the Fulton County Animal Control.