Officials: Group falsely accused student of planning violent act at Gwinnett County high school

With a number of threats against Atlanta-area schools being made on social media, officials are working hard to make sure that everyone is safe.

On Tuesday, Gwinnett County Schools sent a letter to parents involving a "troubling incident" involving a so-called threat to Peachtree Ridge high school.

In the letter, Peachtree Ridge Principal Dr. Jeff Matthews said that a group of students at the school used social media to spread a rumor that another student had made a violent threat, alleging he was going to "shoot up the school."

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After an investigation, Matthews said that there was no threat and that "it appears that a group of students used social media to implicate this student."

"In today's world, it is awful that our students, teachers, and parents have to worry about threats at school," he said. "However, it is even more troubling that there are individuals who would feed off of these fears to try to falsely accuse another student of making threats."

Matthews said the students involved would face disciplinary consequences.  

You can read the whole letter below: