Officers reach out to the more than 40,000 Peachtree City residents

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Sgt. Brain Eden of the Peachtree City Police talks with resident Joaynn Flowers about the city's effort to launch a new program.

Peachtree City police is launching a new programming which may prove to help relations between officers and neighbors.

Peachtree City police officers are going door-to-door in an effort to reach out to every single home owner and every single one of the 40,000 residents of the city.

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The program is called My Community Officer. But just meeting them is not even the point. The officers are volunteering to adopt each of the more than 170 subdivisions so the residents have someone to go to; someone they know.

“So, if you are a resident of this subdivision you would have an officer assigned to you that you would be able to call, email that you would be able to identify with,” Sgt. Brian Eden, Peachtree City Police

Every officer was asked to volunteer to pick a subdivision. Then they were tasked with stopping by every house.

“So, when it’s not really a 911 call, but you got a question about this, that officer is going to be a conduit to the rest of the department,” Eden said.

The program starts this week in more than 100 neighborhoods. Peachtree City will have more information in the coming weeks.