Officer injured in shooting last year back in hospital

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Nearly a year after a shooting almost claimed his life, a Henry County Sheriff's deputy is back at Atlanta Medical Center.

Ralph "Sid" Callaway was shot in the stomach when a suspect opened fire on him and two other law enforcement officers when they tried to serve a warrant on February 9, 2018. Locust Grove Police Officer Chase Maddox, 26, did not survive.

According to Callaway's wife, LuAnn Callaway, her husband needed emergency surgery on Friday to remove a bowel blockage caused by scar tissue from that shooting. 

"Today he is struggling," said Mrs. Callaway, who explained that her husband suddenly fell violently ill more than a week ago. 

She said the past year has shown them the true value of their time together. 

"We hold each other a little bit tighter and we take long walks and we look in each other's eyes," said Callaway. "Not that we didn't do that before, but we make sure we do that real often now."

Callaway said her husband is an athlete and has been back in the gym working to rebuild his strength.  He and some of his colleagues planned to march 26 miles on Feb. 9 to honor Maddox's life, but those plans are now on hold. 

"We're not sure if that's gonna continue at this point, but we think of Chase and his wife and his boys every day," Mrs. Callaway said.

At this point, she is not sure when her husband will be well enough to return home.