Officer convicted of 2 K-9 deaths

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A former Cherokee County school police K-9 handler plead guilty on Monday to abusing two dogs in his care and obstructing justice.

Daniel Wood Peabody was sentenced to 36 months of probation, a $1000 fine, 120 hours of community services and will not be employed as an officer for the entirety of his sentence, officials said. Officials said he is also not allowed to be the sole owner of an animal and may not transport an animal by himself unless there is an emergency.

Officials said the case is based on actions that happened in June of 2016. Officials said Peabody left his K-9 partner, Inka, in his patrol car with the windows rolled up and no air ventilation for about three hours. Inka died of heat stroke while in the car. Officials said Peabody forgot the animal was in the car when he went inside his house.

Officials said Peabody also shot his retired K-9 partner, a yellow lab named Dale when he started having health problems. Peabody told investigators Dale had died after choking on a tennis ball.

"Daniel Peabody was aware of the dangers of leaving a dog in a closed vehicle without proper ventilation. Even so, he intentionally left Inka in his car with the windows rolled up, and then forgot about her," said Lara Ashley Snow, Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney, who prosecuted the case on behalf of the State. "It is also troubling that the defendant chose to shoot and bury a family pet, then lied about it to law enforcement."

Dale’s remains were never found and the statute of limitations was up by the time Inka’s case was finished but Snow said Peabody was convicted for both animal deaths.

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