Off-duty officer talks about saving child's life

A Duluth Police Officer is being hailed a hero after saving a little boy's life.

Last Tuesday, Officer Christopher Tiller was at a neighborhood pool with his wife and daughter when another child went under water.

"I had my back to the dad and his three kids, but all of a sudden my wife started screaming," Officer Tiller said.

Officer Tiller said he turned around and saw the dad pull out his 3-year-old son from the bottom of the pool.

"He was limp, unresponsive and not breathing," Officer Tiller said. "The dad rushed him to the side of the pool and started performing CPR, but he was breathing inside the child's mouth and I learned at the Academy that you don't do that when it comes to someone with water in their lungs."

Officer Tiller rushed to the child's side and immediately started compressions.

"He had a weak pulse and wasn't responding," Officer Tiller said.

Then Officer Tiller said there was a glimmer of hope when the little boy coughed up water.

"I knew at that point he was going to be okay," Officer Tiller said. "The dad turned him over and started patting his back to help get the rest of the water out."

Officer Tiller said he was in the right place at the right time and is thankful he was there to help.

"You walk away and think about what if it had happened to your child," Officer Tiller said. "I hope someone would have done the same for my little girl."

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