North Georgia school district discusses arming teachers in classroom

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It's a hot topic everyone seems to be talking about. How can kids be kept safe at school?

The Floyd County School Board is trying to find the answer to that question. At Tuesday's board meeting, board members discussed several ideas, one of which is arming teachers in the classroom.

"No one wants that to happen," Board Member Jay Shaw said. "Everyone is hoping and praying it doesn't get to that point. It's a last resort option."

Floyd County Board Member Jay Shaw told FOX 5 News on Tuesday, there are several other ideas the district would like to try first.

"I would like to see more school resource officers," Shaw said. "We have some, but they are spread thin, so we need more. I'd also like to see more guidance counselors."

Shaw said the goal is to get the dialogue started. Floyd County parents weighed in on the idea of putting guns in teachers' hands.

"I just don't think that's the way to go," Oralia Limon Caldera said.

Caldera has children at all three levels of school in Floyd County.

"There has to be other things we can do because I know they have a camera and security system at the elementary school but that's not the case at the high schools."

But other parents disagreed with Caldera saying arming teachers is the way to go.

"We really need to be proactive and send a message to these perps that we are armed and we will protect our children," Greg Rayburn said.

The Georgia Schools Boards Association told FOX 5 News there is a state law in place since 2014 that allows school districts to train employees to carry guns. The GSBA said it is unaware of any districts in the state doing so.

The Floyd County School Board plans on exploring all options at their March meeting.