New technology being used at university can detect, pinpoint sound of gunfire

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New technology that can pick up the location of gunshots and pinpoint the location. The University of West Georgia just installed the technology called ShotSpotter and police say it's already proven it's accurate. 

"There are sensors, or mini-microphones, about 40 or 50 of them on the buildings across campus.  When a gunshot is detected the sensors will go off, it will be sent to a monitor center in California and will be pushed out to our street officers," said University Police Chief Tom Saccenti. 

Chief Saccenti says it can pinpoint the location within 3 to 5 feet. 

"It's nice to know they can pinpoint exactly where the shots are coming from so there's no mass chaos," said student Madeline Beveridge.

Chief Saccenti says it typically takes 8 minutes for a call of a gunshot to be reported to an officer on the street.  He says with this technology an officer knows how many shots were fired and wherein less than a minute.  

"A gunshot comes in, it's confirmed as a gunshot by ShotSpotter and sends it straight out to a street officer.  He can go in, knowing exactly where it is, without driving through a gunshot scene and plan his response," said Chief Saccenti.

Days after the ShotSpotter was installed, two real-life scenarios played out. Just off campus, on Park Lane, a woman was arrested after police say she fired shots at her husband. 

Less than a mile away, another incident.  At a liquor store, Off Campus Spirits, the ShotSpotter picked up 44 shots fired. 

"ShotSpotter estimated there were 44 shots fired when they got there the person they arrested had a 50 found magazine with 6 rounds left," said Chief Saccenti. 

Carrollton Police arrested one man for discharging a gun in city limits and disorderly conduct. 

The system has only been in place for less than a month, but some students say they already feel safer.  "I think it's great for our safety that they can get to places and know what's going on faster," said student Salina James. 

The way the University has the system set up, if gunfire is detected Carrollton Police, Carroll County Sheriff's Office and University Police will be notified.