New suspect in 2010 Texas murder case arrested in Atlanta

Atlanta police have arrested a Texas fugitive in an effort that helped set an innocent man free.

Lydell Grant is out on bail waiting to be exonerated in the 2010 murder of Aaron Scheerhoorn in Houston.

A re-analysis of DNA evidence from the victim’s fingernails pointed to a new suspect in the deadly stabbing outside of a bar: 41-year-old Jermarico Carter.

That discovery, spearheaded by the Innocence Project of Texas, led to Grant's release from prison last month.

Atlanta police and the Fulton County Sheriff's Office tracked Carter to a local business on Dec. 19 and brought him into custody on unrelated charges, including probation violation and theft/forgery.

Houston police said Carter confessed to his role in Scheerhoorn's killing. They also learned he was near the bar around the time of the stabbing.

"On behalf of the Houston Police Department, I want to extend an apology to Mr. Grant and his family as they have waited for justice all these years,” said Art Acevedo, Houston Police Chief.

On Saturday, Grant showed off his ankles, free of monitors, and boasted of the removal of his curfew.

"I feel rejuvenated, I feel free now," he said.

Grant said he holds no hate in his heart and wants to share these words with the new murder suspect: “At this time, while [you’re] sitting in jail, you really need to call out to God because I sat in jail for what you did."

"But I’m not mad at him, I’m not mad at him at all. I forgive him,” he said.

The Innocence Project of Texas said they still have a few more steps until Grant is fully exonerated and his record can be expunged.

Grant said he has a job lined up and is looking forward to getting back to work but needs to buy a vehicle first, which he is raising money for.