NASA astronaut shares photo of Atlanta from space station

You may be used to pictures of Atlanta, but this photo fo the Georgia capital is literally out of this world.

Tuesday night, astronaut Christina Hammock Koch shared a photo of a space-eye view of Atlanta from the International Space Station. The station is currently around 250 miles above the earth.

"Looking good, Atlanta! Good evening to the ATL," Koch tweeted with the photo.

Koch has been living in the International Space Station for 320 days, making her the record-holder for the woman who has spent the longest continuous time in space.

She made history on Oct. 18 with Jessica Mier, after they became the first women to participate in an all-female spacewalk.

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The American astronaut is scheduled to returns to Earth on Feb. 6 with two of her colleagues on a Russian capsule.

Tuesday, She told the Associated Press that she can't wait to see friends and family and eat some chips and salsa.