Narcotics investigators raid Sandy Springs home

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Police said a team of narcotics investigators surrounded and raided a Sandy Springs home, and neighbors shared with FOX 5 News the frightening video of the ambush. 

The ordeal happened Friday early morning in the Starlight neighborhood off Peachtree Dunwoody Road, bordering Atlanta's affluent Buckhead community. Sandy Springs Police said they aided DeKalb County narcotics investigators with the raid. 

No word what investigators were searching for, or who they could be looking for; residents told FOX 5 News, they believe the home had been unoccupied for months, or simply didn't know who was staying there. 

Video shows armed officers with shields go to the home in a formation. The home shows signs that investigators forced their way inside, through the front door, garage and side door. 

"I'm glad police were able to do, follow what was going on what was under our noses. We had no idea," said one concerned neighbor.