Must Ministries keeping families fed amid coronavirus pandemic

Must Ministries is working hard to provide food for families this summer and they're getting much-needed help.

Normally, food donations slow down this time of year, but that's not been the case recently. Not only are donations pouring in, but the organization says that food is going right back out into the community.

The organization has taken the challenges COVID-19 has tossed, and bagged them for pickup.

Their first week of school lunch distribution started at Blackwell Elementary School in Marietta, one of nearly 20 locations that volunteers will be working the next few months.

In their 25th year, Must Ministries leaders say right now, the need is astronomical:

"We base summer lunch on where the greatest need is for food - based on the free or reduced lunch programs in the schools. Imagine now you add on top of that that many of these parents have lost their jobs," President Ike Reighard explained.

As part of their social distancing plan, Must Ministries is having families come to them this summer and collect five days worth of meals.

That means limited contact, with just as much nutritional impact.